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Megaplas a history of quality


Megaplas a history of quality

Megaplas a history of quality

For Megaplas  along with customer satisfaction, quality is the first objective.
To guarantee the quality of its products, Megaplas ensures that the processes used to design, test, produce, transport and install the products will be carried out correctly.

Quality assurance streamlines production and helps ensure that final products meet the company's quality criteria.

In manufacturing, the procedures included in our management system, endorsed by quality, safety and MA seals, such as ISO 9001, ISO45001 or ISO14001, help to manage and improve a plenty the processes implemented.

The use of powerful manufacturing tools like KAIZEN and 5S reinforce the company's quality program. Lean revolves around improving quality and safety while increasing efficiency and profits.

  • KAIZEN helps eliminate problems at their source by empowering workers to find and solve problems on a daily basis.
  • 5S helps organize and standardize the workplace. Improve procedures and eliminate errors in your installations.