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Megaplas se joint la Journée internationale de la femmeMegaplas joins the international women's day


Megaplas joins the international women's day

Megaplas joins the international women's day

Megaplas has joined the International Women's Day at its factory in Madrid. The company has set up, together with the trade union organizations, the negotiating committee for the company's equality plan.

The objective of the equality plan to be approved will be to create awareness of the individual rights of workers, protecting and empowering them; especially, protecting personal dignity within the company, establishing guidelines for healthy behaviors and eradicating those behaviors that could be considered illegitimate interference in personal privacy.

The Plan will constitute an orderly set of measures that, really and effectively, will make it possible to consolidate in the global scope for which it has been designed, the objectives of equal treatment and opportunities between women and men, and eliminate any hint of discrimination on the grounds of sex.