Design engineering

Value-added engineering is an essential success factor in today’s rebranding programmes. It allows you to translate the corporate image handbook into manufacturable products through intricate technical solutions, building plans and specifications for the materials to be used.

The role of the technical team is:

  • To optimise the visual impact of the client's brand as much as possible.
  • To maximise the duration of the product.
  • To minimise overall manufacturing and costs of raw materials.
  • To provide technically straightforward solutions that are easy to implement.

Megaplas is fully involved in the development of corporate image design, ranging from large-scale corporate design concepts to totally unique items.

Industrialisation and standardisation enable the project to achieve the right momentum, allowing Megaplas to meet its programmed goals in record time, even in cases involving a wide variety of products.

The Megaplas Technical Team is qualified to advise its clients to help minimise costs by:

  • Choosing the most suitable and cost-effective materials.
  • Proposing the most technically simple and easy to apply solutions.
  • Suggesting the most cost effective changes without detracting from the visual impact the client seeks.