Logo center

The LOGO is the key identity for every brand. It raises awareness and identifies the company. Often representing it over long periods of time, consumers associate with it and with the products and services it provides.

That makes the logo the centre of any branding policy and it should be treated accordingly.

Megaplas believes that building a logo calls for specialised manufacturing technologies, materials and continuous innovation.

Turin logo centre

The Megaplas LOGO Centre is located at our plant in Turin and is fully dedicated to designing and producing brand symbols.

Logo production entails:

  • Moulding
  • Silk-screening
  • Special vinyl decoration
  • High vacuum metal plating

High vacuum metal plating

The Megaplas logo centre has used vacuum metal plating since 2006. The need for such technology derived from customer requirements to achieve a uniform metallic colour effect during the day and translucent white colour when the inside lighting is on at night.